Exploring the Pantone colour of the Year 2023: Viva Magenta

Exploring the Pantone colour of the Year 2023: Viva Magenta

Get ready to dive into a world of color magic that's turning heads and sparking imagination across the design universe! The pantone colour of the year 2023 reveal is a moment we've all been waiting for, and boy, has it delivered the goods! Say hello to the showstopper – Viva Magenta, our new vibrant bestie with a Pantone code that reads 18-1750.

Raspberry Punch

Buckle up, because Viva Magenta isn't just a colour; it's a burst of life, an energy infusion, and an unapologetic celebration of YOU! Imagine mixing the confidence of red and the allure of purple – that's the sizzle that makes Viva Magenta truly electrifying, perfect for both statement-making glam and subtle pop moments.

Artists, designers, and trendsetters are riding the Viva Magenta wave with some serious flair! And guess what? We're on board too, steering the fun train as the proud exclusive Melbourne home of Frenchic Paints! Dive into our hand-painted true color samples, where you can take inspiration from Viva Magenta and choose your own bold magenta to take for a spin before committing to your design dreams. No more guessing games; it's all about experiencing the magic firsthand!

Ready to sprinkle some Viva Magenta enchantment on your world? Buckle up, because this color sensation isn't just wowing the design sphere – it's rewriting the style script across fashion, interiors, and more. Your home is about to get a hefty dose of energy, and we're loving every second of it!

But that's not all, jet-setters! Viva Magenta is also making waves in travel and lifestyle circles. It's like a colorful ticket to adventure, urging us all to shake things up and embrace the wild ride life offers. Think of it as your personal permission slip to dive headfirst into the vibrant unknown!

Raspberry Punch - Bright Pink Al Fresco Chalk Paint | Frenchic

Pantone's Color of the Year isn't just about shades; it's a cultural phenomenon that's reinventing the creative wheel. Get set to feel the mood-shifting power, the emotion-evoking magic, and the captivating storytelling that color weaves – no words needed!

Whether you're an interior maven craving that burst of change or an artist at heart yearning for a fresh canvas, Viva Magenta's calling your name loud and clear! At Fluff Interiors, we're all about making your color dreams reality. Dive into the world of Viva Magenta and get ready to bring your vision to life, brighter and bolder than ever before!

Let the journey into Viva Magenta's realm spark your creativity, light up your surroundings, and remind you that color isn't just a hue; it's a fluffy feeling, a vibe, and a source of pure joy. Let's paint the world – Viva Magenta style!

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