Welcome to Fluff Interiors,

Our story began with the Scholtz Family, a group of artistic individuals who share a passion for taking the old and ugly and transforming it into something new and beautiful. As individuals, we each possess a unique artistic flair, and by combining our creativity, we breathe life into fluffed items, each with its own distinctive personality.


As a Family Owned Business, we pride ourselves on adding our personal touch to everything we do.  We are a haven where forgotten furniture pieces find new life through the hands of our skilled furniture artists.

A Classroom for New and skilled artists.  A sanctuary where DIYers can come to bounce ideas and learn new skills.  

Anna-Marie / Mother / Fluid Art Teacher / Interior Designer

Armandie / Daughter / Paint Expert / Interior Designer

Our Passions

Where creativity takes flight and every piece of art finds its perfect touch. As Melbourne's premier stockist of Frenchic Paints, we're passionate about transforming homes with our paints, one-of-a-kind furniture and decor.


Each piece tells a story, infused with the fluffy moments of inspiration and care that bring it to life. Our collection includes bookends, candle pins, magnets, paperweights, sculptures, and bespoke coat hooks, all crafted with love. Delight in our original paint pour canvases, available for purchase or experience the magic at our art workshops.


Whether you're a DIY enthusiast, an interior designer seeking unique accents, or someone in need of personalized gifts, Fluff Interiors welcomes you to discover the joy of functional art. Located in Campbellfield, we serve Melbourne's northern, eastern, and western suburbs, with nationwide delivery available.

Let's Fluff it together!

1. Frenchic Paints

We are the proud reseller of Frenchic Paints for Melbourne Metro.  

Stocking the full range of Al Fresco and Lazy range.

2. Furniture & Decor

Using our beautiful range of chalk paints we create one of a kind pieces that will last.  Saving old furniture from landfill and giving it a second life.

3. Workshops

We love teaching people about colour and paint is so much fun.  weather that is for furniture or art, we love it.

3. Wedding Decor

Wedding Signage, Backdrops, Faux Flowers, Place Cards & Favors.

Hire or Purchase. 

Meet Anna-Mariè

“Good desin meant good business”

My love affair with interior design began years ago when my husband and I embarked on an adventure, leaving the bustling city life behind to buy a Carpet shop in South Africa. Little did we know that this would be the starting point for a series of businesses that laid the groundwork for our passion for interior design. From Upholstery and Picture Framing to Painting, we dabbled in various ventures, each contributing to our love for transforming spaces.

Life took us on a new journey when we immigrated to the enchanting land of New Zealand, where we called home for 22 beautiful years. During this chapter of our adventure, we couldn't resist the allure of renovating and flipping properties, further fuelling our passion for interior design. Self-taught and fuelled by an unwavering dedication, I finally decided to take the plunge and formalize my expertise, graduating in 2014 with a Dip. Interior Design.

As a mom, I've always encouraged my children to chase their dreams fearlessly. It was this very encouragement that led my two lovely daughters to find exciting opportunities in the vibrant city of Melbourne. The pull to reunite the Clan and embrace new adventures was irresistible, and that's when Fluff Interiors was born. Together, we're living out our dreams, creating spaces that capture the essence of each individual and breathe life into every room.

At Fluff Interiors, we're not just designers; we're dream weavers. We understand the power of a well-designed space to transform lives, and our mission is to infuse every corner with that special touch of "fluffiness" that brings joy and comfort.

So, whether you're flipping a house, transforming a room, or simply craving a space that feels uniquely yours, let's embark on this incredible journey together and turn your dream space into a reality.

Meet Armandie

“Good desin meant good business”

Growing up surrounded by construction and getting my hands dirty renovating houses with my family, it was only natural for me to dive headfirst into the exciting world of interior design. But my passion for creating didn't stop there – I also explored the captivating realm of visual arts, letting my artistic instincts run wild.


After graduating with a Dip. Interior Design in 2015, I gained valuable experience working with top-notch paint and furniture brands. This journey equipped me with a treasure trove of technical knowledge, top-notch customer service skills, and the ability to offer insightful consulting.

Now, here's where the magic happens for me: space planning and interior styling. It's like entering a world of fluffiness that makes my heart soar. There's nothing more satisfying than taking a blank canvas and transforming it into a space that perfectly suits my clients' needs. I thrive on creating customized designs that truly capture your unique essence.

I had the fantastic opportunity to be a stylist consultant for the "The Block" Tree Change Contestants in 2022 when I was an Interior Decorator with Freedom Furniture. It was an exhilarating experience that deepened my commitment to creating spaces that inspire and uplift.

At Fluff Interiors, we're a bunch of artistic souls who love to breathe new life into forgotten furniture pieces. We're all about sustainability and giving old things a fabulous new purpose. Join us on this incredible journey where we'll craft spaces that reflect your individuality, tell your story, and invite you to experience that oh-so-special "fluffy feeling" in your very own home.


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